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Great product for the price!

We had it for a 2 weeks now and love it! Functions are great. Can’t imagine what more expensive chairs have that this one doesn’t. This is something I definitely recommend. Sales process was not pushy and we were allowed to take our time to decide.
California Dream – Sacramento, CA

Very reasonable and fair price

My wife and I decided we would buy a massage, and we chose yours. I have experienced mall chairs and tried a few in shops. The quality and the functions of our chair offers us everything we wanted. Based on my research and testing, chairs like this typically cost thousands of dollars more. I especially love how this chair massages between my shoulder blades, and how great it feels on my feet. For the price, we’re very happy with the investment we made with your company’s product. We agree that your massage chair offers a lot for a very reasonable and fair price. Thank you.
Charmed in the South – Charleston, WV

Finally pain-free!

I have bad low back pain which I’ve been dealing with for years. I do exercises, stretches, etc…BUT the work I do involves walking and standing on hard concrete all day. I have never been able to stay comfortable and pain-free. I looked at many massage chairs before finally deciding to buy the Katana. I’m really really happy that I did. My pain was physical, but it also was emotionally rough. It drove my wife a little bit crazy too, and she was fed up with being my massage therapist. Since I started using your massage chair (at least twice a day) for the past 3 months I feel WAY better than I used to. I no longer dread being on my feet at work. I know that if I have a flare up at work, I will still go to bed feeling comfortable. About half the time I fall asleep in the chair for a couple of hours and then wake up and crawl into bed. I just wanted to express my appreciation for the quality of the product that I purchased from you. You changed my life and made me and my wife a whole lot happier in the process. We feel like we got a great deal, and I’ve sold a a couple of chairs to buddies at work.
Hard Working Okie – Ada, OK

So much more convenient!

I’ve been going to a chiropractor for years. I love my chiropractor, but he’s not available to me at all hours in the day like my Katana massage chair is. I’ve saved tons of money by replacing 90% of my chiropractor visits with my chair. I now recommend you to everyone who is willing to listen. I now ignore the postcards and phone calls and emails that I get from my chiropractor wondering where I’ve gone. With the money that I’ve saved by not seeing my doctor, I’ve already more than paid for my chair.
Saving Money Every Month – Buffalo, NY

Cannot wait to get home to my massage chair

I’m a nurse and I work very very long hours. Every second of my day is on my feet. I cannot wait to get home to my massage chair. I keep trying to convince my hospital to buy a Katana chair for EVERYONE to use, but so far no one is listening. I have not given up because I think my friends at work could all use it. I won’t stop trying until I succeed. Your product has won me over. I have a friend who paid quite a bit MORE for their massage chair, and mine is every bit as good if not better!
Happy Feet in the Twin Cities – St. Paul, MN