What is Zero Gravity position?

When used in conjunction with massage chairs, the term “zero gravity position” describes a reclined posture that is characterized by three critical and necessary elements:

  1. The seat back is able to recline to a point that is nearly parallel with the floor;
  2. The angle between the seat and the backrest is “open” and tipped back about 25-degrees from a right angle;
  3. In a full recline the massage chair is able to elevate the ankles and calves above the level of the hear.


A Katana zero gravity massage chair helps spread a user’s weight across the chair. This relieves stress on joints and bones, releases pressure on the low back, and is the ideal positon for a more satisfying, relaxing, and therapeutic massage.

Because the zero gravity position offers maximum support, it is also a profoundly restful posture. The deep recline optimizes circulation throughout the body and also increases lung capacity. In this natural reclining posture. The leg and calf position – above the heart – encourages lymphatic flow away from your lower extremities. For anyone dealing with sore feet or calves , swollen feet or ankles, or edema associated with injury or diabetes, having your calves and feet supported above your heart is spectacularly comfortable and effective at ameliorating pain and symptoms of injury to the lower extremities.

The zero gravity reclined position with feet higher than head and the back nearly parallel with the floor is optimal for distributing and diluting the effects of gravity. A Katana zero gravity massage chair places you in this perfect angle of repose, offering ideal weight distribution, full body relaxation, and unmatched comfort and health benefits. Get comfortable in Katana’s zero gravity position and you’re ready to take in one of the best massages of your life!