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Start your day fresh! End your day in peace. The Katana 700 is a full-featured, full-body massage chair at a remarkably affordable price. This shiatsu massage chair has been carefully designed to bring you daily relief from the stress and strain of busy days. It’s a tool to help you rediscover comfort, support good health, and bring you the happiness that comes with getting away from it all with a daily full-body massage from Katana.

Offers kneading, rolling, tapping, and compression. Soothing infrared heat combined with the mechanical massage and air massage capabilities of the Katana 700 to provide a magical, remarkably complete, and deeply healing massage experience.

3-Year Limited Warranty

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Full-Body Air Compression Techniques – 34 air cells apply gentle squeeze and release massage to your fingers, hands, forearms, shoulders, calves, and feet to promote lymphatic flow and stimulate your body’s natural healing action. Arms, hands, calves, and feet are all carefully massaged by the collection of air features. Repeated cycles of compression and release help refresh tired muscles, encourage lymphatic flow, and bring healing oxygenated blood to the area being worked on.

Shiatsu Sensei Massage Mechanism – Carefully crafted movements deliver soothing shiatsu massage to the neck and shoulders, low back, glutes, and hamstrings.

Zero-Gravity: Deep recline that elevates your legs above your heart for maximum therapy to your lower extremities. Enter the zero gravity position to elevate your feet and calves above your heart, release the stress and strain on the vertebrae of your low back, and give your whole body a vacation in zero gravity.

L-Track Design – The Katana 700’s L-track guides the back massage mechanism to cover your full back from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your glutes and hamstrings, delivering broad coverage of your whole body as the Shiatsu Sensei Massage Mechanism applies the soothing massage movements that make the Katana 700 experience unique and memorable.

✔ Carefully and skillfully applied kneading, tapping, knocking, knead & tap, shiatsu, rolling, and air compression massage melts away tension of your back, shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet.


Eight (8) carefully crafted massage programs: Recover, Relief, Stretch, Low Back, Renew, Calming, Neck Region, Energy. Each program is built to deliver results that you’ll feel in your body and your mind.

Five (5) manual controllable motions for massages that you can personalize and focus on problem spots or your neck, low back, feet…any spot on your body that needs special attention.
Multi-length program options (10-20-30 min): Choose the massage duration that is right for your mode and your need.


Simple Set Up – Minimal assembly required with NO TOOLS required. The Katana 700 is ready to go in three or four minutes right out of the box. The only “assembly” required is to attach the footrest, attach the remote control, and plug in the power cord.

Auto Shoulder Detection Function – Automatically detects the location of your shoulders and customizes the massage to fit your unique back profile.

Foot Roller: Amazing relief is provided to the soles of your feet as the Katana 700 mobilizes the soles of your feet and provides reflexology movements. The squeezing and rolling movements feel like the firm, strong hands of a shiatsu master and help melt tension and stress from your whole body.

Extending Legrest: Effortlessly adjusts to fit users from 5’-0” to 6’-2”.

Penetrating Infrared Heat: Soothing back heat takes Katana’s massage one step further by helping to loosen muscles and encourage blood flow into the lumbar area of your back. You’ll sink into the massages even more with the soothing heat delivered to the lower back.

Bluetooth Stereo Audio System: Connect your smart device and enjoy your favorite music, nature sounds, a thunderstorm soundtrack…anything you like with a convenient Bluetooth integrated speaker system.


Full Color LED Remote, Multi-language: Easy on the eyes and simple to you. Easy navigation for a relaxing start to a relaxing experience.

Cool Glow Logo: We’re proud of Katana’s quality, and we show it off with a softy lighted armrest logo. In a darkened room, the soothing and luxurious glow from these LEDs helps set the mood for a deeply relaxing escape.


Space Saver, Wall Hugger Design: Compact, space-saving design requires just 2″ (5cm) inches behind the chair’s backrest. As the chair begins to recline, the chair body shifts forward as the backrest eases you back into a standard recline or the zero gravity position.

Sleek, compact design: Unlike the large, bulky products you see elsewhere, the Katana 700 is designed to fit easily into any room in your home. No larger than a normal recliner, it also won’t overwhelm the look of a living room, den, or bedroom.

Easy Wheels – We call them “easy wheels” because they make moving this massage chair super simple and super easy. With a gentle lift of the footrest, the Katana 700 tips back onto its easy wheels, making it as easy as pie to reposition the chair for cleaning, redecorating, or relocating.


Three-Year Limited Warranty – We offer the best warranty of any comparably priced massage chair. Super Charge your warranty and get even more peace of mind. See all the limited warranty details in the warranty section.


✔ Meditation and Relaxation: Our unrushed and carefully designed programs will take you on a short vacation every time you use your Katana chair. This is what we designed it to do, and this is what it does better than any other chair in the world of value-price massage chairs. And if you (or your partner) don’t know how to meditate or relax…if that’s what’s missing in life…well…that’s why we designed the Katana 700. In just a few sessions, your friends and neighbors will be calling you guru, swami, or monk. It’s all about finding peace. It’s all about finding the quiet corner in your mind. This is where Katana will take you. And it is as wonderful as it sounds.

✔ Sleep: Not everyone realizes that a good massage chair is a great way to drift off to sleep. (Even fewer people realize that the bedroom may be the BEST room for your Katana 700.) Pick one of the more soothing sessions from the remote, and you’ll leave insomnia in the rearview mirror. Don’t turn on the TV. Don’t open the refrigerator for an unhealthy late-night snack. Instead, grab a warm blanket, sit in your Katana chair, choose your favorite program, and you’ll be dreaming before you know it!

Pain Relief: Back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain meet your nemesis: the Katana KA700. Carefully designed to address these problem areas, the mechanics and programs of your chair have been designed to loosen the muscles and mobilize your cervical (neck) and lumbar spine. If you experience pain in these areas – and about 70% of Americans do – you’ve probably been to a massage therapist or a chiropractor. (Or, maybe you plead with your partner – who may find you to be a bit of a nag – to give you regular massages.) Katana is your answer. No longer wait a week or a month for that expensive professional massage. The Katana KA700 is ALWAYS ON CALL. If three massages a day is what it takes to knock down that aching low back, then take three massages a day! You’ll fall in love with the feeling of deep and abiding relief that Katana has been specifically designed to provide. And your partner? They’ll be happy too!

Air Massage to the Extremities: As we age, it’s the extremities (our fingers, hands, calves, feet, and toes) start to fight back. After all, these are the parts of the body that are the physical “interface” we have with the world. Whether your feet and calves are tired and swollen from standing all day, or if you’re dealing with edema, there is NOTHING QUITE LIKE our air massage feature (applied in the zero gravity position) to bring you relief and reduce pain and swelling. The cycle of timed compression and release also helps encourage lymphatic flow and kicks in your body’s own ability to heal itself. And the same goes for your forearms and hands. Swelling? Soreness? Tiredness? Own the Katana KA700, and relief will always be at the ready.

Take A Staycation…EVERY Day: The long vacations away from home and work are great, and we all need a regular recharge. But vacations are expensive, and travel time can eat into those precious days away. And almost before it starts, your vacation is over. But what if you made up for this with mini-escapes? One or two a day. Hundreds every year. With a Katana KA700 in a quiet room in your home, this is EXACTLY what you get. Resolve to refresh your mind and body regularly, and you will discover a new feeling of power, comfort, and calm. Best of all, this daily dose of AMAZING that keeps giving every day, year after year, will cost you less than one vacation.

 The Katana KA700 will be delivered to your home via curbside freight delivery service. We recommend that two people unbox the chair, but also note that the convenient wheels on the back portion of the base allow one person to easily move the chair around a room.