Shiatsu Neck Massager


This rabbit is a full-scale neck massager that uses shiatsu and vibration to grab the stiffness of the neck and loosen it.

Designed in Japan by ATEX.

A “touch power supply” that can be used smartly and easily

Uses a “touch power supply” that automatically turns on when pressed against the body and turns off when released from the body.

Rirabbit, the Shiatsu Neck Massager.

Designed in Japan.


Two shiatsu balls with a powerful motor are sandwiched from both sides to catch stiffness and loosen the massage.

A “free clip structure” that allows you to hold your ears with both hands and massage while adjusting the strength to your liking.

The shiatsu balls are made of silicon and adhere to the skin gently and deeply to loosen stiffness.

Waterproof design (IPX5) makes it safe even when wet.

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