Sonic Head Spa Massager 


High-speed vibrations with the same mechanism as an audio speaker. 10 arms gently hold your entire head.

Designed in Japan by ATEX.


Real Sound Wave Vibration

Ten 3D arms along the curve of the head gently hold your entire head. Comfortably approaches the scalp like a human finger. The Octopus leads to comfort and relaxation.

Alilan, the Sonic Head Spa Massager

Two modes to choose

Equipped with two modes: “Fast mode” and “Relax mode”.

You can choose according to your preference.

How to use

Press the switch and place it on your head, then slowly move it up and down to stimulate the entire scalp.

Alilan, the Sonic Head Spa Massager. Designed in Japan.


Waterproof design

Auto off timer

3 AAA batteries

With stickers

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