High Fashion

Hand massager with air pressure. Cordless design, built-in rechargeable battery.

Designed in Japan by ATEX.

Use it anywhere

This hand massager can be used for about 1 hour continuously with a charging time of about 4 hours.

First in the industry! * Glove type hand massager that wraps each finger.

The long-awaited cordless specification of the Lourdes Hand Care, which has become a popular product with cumulative sales of over 100,000 units.

Of course, the palm is wrapped around each finger, and the glove air massages the hand and fingers.

The hand massager promotes blood circulation in the entire palm, so you can take away the fatigue off your hands from the overuse of PCs and smartphones.

* In-house survey
With a 15-layer airbag, massage the palms as well as each finger with the power of the air. Improves blood circulation in the entire hand and eliminates fatigue.

Includes hester, so that you can feel more comfortable with a hot massage.

Two modes: the “fingertip mode” where you press your fingers and the “complete mode” where you wrap your hands.

Change the direction and concentrate your thumb, or use your own hand cream and vinyl gloves (included) for a hand massage.

With 3 buttons, you can easily select 3 levels of strength, heater ON / OFF, and course selection.

Auto off timer: automatically stops in about 10 minutes for safety.

Personalize your hand massager with facve stickers.

Nice gift packaging.

Hand care by Lourdes. Cordless.

Designed in Japan.


The original Hand care by Lourdes. Uses a  100V power supply adaptor.

Designed in Japan.


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